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An Ecovillage

at the foot of the Vosges

Breitenbach is the sweet-sounding name of the Alsatian village in which 48° Nord has been built. Perched at the top of its hill, the Landscape Høtel looks out over the village.

Careful not to confuse it with the other small village named Breitenbach in the neighboring department! We know this can cause confusion…

A warm welcome

and a calm soul

Nestled in a high Alsatian valley and sheltered by the passes of the neighboring Vosges, Breitenbach cannot help but share its authentic charm. Set back from the nearby Wine Route, village life flows at the peaceful pace set by its inhabitants. As it is tucked away from the traditional tourist sites, it is the perfect countryside getaway. Come discover the everyday of a bustling village brought to life by its producers and hard-at-work artisans, who will surely give you a warm welcome.

Harmoniously natural

and decidedly recreational

Suspended between the hills and surrounded by forests, the ecovillage of Breitenbach offers the ultimate Alsatian Vosges experience. Many excursions and activities start from Breitenbach. From here, you can set out to explore the Vosges on foot or by mountain bike, ski, horseback, or even paraglider. Nature becomes a playground, stretching along kilometers of recreational trails or zipline courses racing between the treetops. Breitenbach is one with the protected land that it calls home.

Agriculturally committed

actively ecological

As an ecovillage, Breitenbach is committed to its small producers. It holds dear to a tradition deeply rooted in the village's history in which the land is predominately dedicated to extensive and organic farming that is not harmful for either produce or animals. In this way, the village supports local consumption. We advocate for and promote this philosophy on a daily basis here at 48° Nord.

Breitenbach is also committed to a transition towards sustainable energy, encouraging the use of wood-fueled heat and solar-powered electricity.


1048, route du Mont Sainte-Odile

67220 Breitenbach

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